Date: Thu 30 November 2017
Host: Alex Espinosa

Attending (0/4):

"The World of Waterdeep calls."

"Humanity no longer needs to live in the real world with its filth, pain, hunger and foul atmosphere. Thanks to Arcon Technologies we are all chipped and can now stay in our living cell living online in 'Swords 'n Sorcery!!!! The virtual online experience!!!!' and new bioindex and cybernutrition implants even make logging off a thing of the past. No more need to pause halfway through the dungeon to go for a snack. Live with the rest of humanity and be a Hero."

"All new characters will start in the land of Noobia."

Memo to administrator team - CONFIDENTIAL / TOP SECRET

There has been an incident. A community member was killed fighting an orc shaman who cast a Curse of Gygax spell and player's meat body suffered trauma matching to the wounds suffered in synth life, resulting in permanent death of the individual. We are aware of the safeguards making the programming changes to create this scenario impossible. They have also been rechecked and AI scanned confirming the core programming is unchanged. Consequently, the impossible - that in game occurence has affected meat space - has become possible and we may have a murderer online. As administrators, you officially police the environment and since the 2078 Act of Disenfranchisment we no longer needed any form of policing for meat space so you are it. We will be sending a team in and as per the Universal Law of Munchkin Meta Fracturing your personas will be limited to Level 2 experience and enhanced builds will have to be gained through Levelling Up.

I do not need to tell you the panic and hysteria that will ensue if it becomes common knowledge that real death can occur in game. Our society will implode. We can only accomodate an investigative unit of four with the following persona templates:

  • generic elven ranger
  • generic dwarf warrior
  • generic human barbarian
  • generic human paladin
  • generic human cleric
  • generic human mage [select element - air earth fire water]
  • generic halfling thief

"will use tri-stat and if interested, please indicate character choice so i can preprepare template. Also, although there is humor linked to the misinterpretation of some aspects, by this future society, of current gaming items, this is not a comedic game but a mix of dystopian society crossed with fantasy altenate reality.'

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