Date: Thu 2 November 2017
Host: Kristof Van der Auwera

Attending (2/5):
Jeff Mindlin
Alex Espinosa

The world is askew, as a sudden list in the ship sends our heroes reeling. As they make their way down towards the thick of the fighting, abandoning the notion of noodles with their sea sick stomachs, they run into a group of civilians being herded at gunpoint. This is not to the liking of one enraged scotsman who lays about him and lays out his assailants flat, with the help of our heroes and the most wildly unlikely pistol shot ever seen. Clearly, some of these weapons need maintenance. It is a simple hop and a skip to the cabin of Mr. Denton, where he grabs the gear for his /other/ job. An update on their objective is received, a scotsman is fired as a secretary, and a call is placed to Customer Services for the location of the bunker. Directions are received, it is wisely decided not to follow them and instead, in true action hero style, rappel down the side of the ship. They are briefly re-acquainted with a cowardly cook, whose eventual jump overboard makes it very clear... this is not the night for noodles.

An explosive situation develops, and our enraged scotsman takes the direct route. Twice. The cruel forces of exothermic reactions force a sudden and permanent farewell. In to this fray walks the maligned first officer Lao and his cadre of hand picked officers, unable to refrain from offering our heroes an alternative means of resolution. Alas, a bullet ends his offer before it is truly begun, and a vicious firefight ensues in the tightly packed quarters of the ship's engine spaces, surrounded by literal tonnes of fuel and a cluster of bombs. What could possibly go wrong?

When the smoke clears, the reek of cordite lessens and the chaos is unpicked, Lao's exploded remains litter a moderate area of walkway, along with one of his officers. But the price is steep. Only three of our heroes have survived this fracas. Is their fate to be held in the brig to be bartered like so many pawns? Will they sit out the rest of the fighting until one side or the other has claimed victory?

... you did see the title of this game, right?

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.