Date: Thu 12 October 2017
Host: Kristof Van der Auwera

Attending (4/5):
Jeff Mindlin
Paul Dunn
Alex Espinosa
Joseph R

Come experience the heart pounding action of Hollywood and Hong Kong, and take your places as the undisputed stars in the action movie that is your life. Guns, explosions and butt-kicking, with an unlimited special effects budget and more than just a hint of wider cosmic significance. The future as you understand it has already happened, and the past that was isn't the past that you know. But even if you don't really think much about how you need to save Time itself, there is one thing that you most certainly understand: Someone has just ruined your holiday.

Set in contemporary Hong Kong as seen and understood through the lens of movie tropes, be the action movie star that you know you can be.

All you will need is two d6 of different colours, your imagination and a willingness to break the rules of physics until they scream for mercy...

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.