Date: Thu 17 May 2018
Host: Paul Dunn

Attending (2/5):
Kristof Van der Auwera
Alex Espinosa

The crew of the Selonia Satyr have had an interesting time since taking possession of their new ship. The old smuggling vessel has attracted attention from a mysterious group who have given the crew the task of smuggling supplies onto the neighbouring planet of Selonia.

While the long-suffering droid CX5K collected the shipment, and pilot Wade slipped away to a sabacc tournament, Lilylyn and Grondaka had to contend with a mysterious group, apparently intent on making off with the Satyr's navicomputer. After Lilylyn disabled the group's slicer and Grondaka single-handedly took out an improbably high number of Sullustans & Gamorreans, the crew managed to avoid the suspicions of CorSec (quite a feat since CX5K just walked out of custody, taking the crew's purloined speeder with him).

Now the reunited crew are ready to complete their first smuggling job, assuming nothing else goes wrong...

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