Date: Thu 10 May 2018
Host: Paul Dunn

Attending (2/5):
Alex Espinosa
Kristof Van der Auwera

Last time, our band of ne'er-do-wells finally managed to remove Duracrete Denlo and recover their friend's lost keepsake. After stealing an airspeeder to escape the arrival of CorSec, they debated trying to take the hapless Grev Timmor's retirement stash, but eventually decided to honour their deal (mainly because they realised they didn't actually know anything about the stash's location, or contents for that matter). 

As the Simpering Sarlaac descended into an impromptu retirement party for Grev, someone tried to sell Lilylyn a clue to the location of the fabled Katana Fleet, and Grondaka got word of a mysterious figure seeking a group to do some quiet work. Grev's former patron has a job for the Selonia Satyr, and doesn't particularly seem to care that it's no longer Grev's ship. 

Now the crew have finally taken possession of their new transport, but if they thought they'd get a chance to take stock of the situation they may have to think again...

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