Date: Thu 24 May 2018
Host: Joseph R

Attending (3/5):
Kristof Van der Auwera
Alex Espinosa
Paul Dunn


The Computer Is Not Your Friend.
    It is 2047 A.D. The robot revolt is over, and the machines have won! Now the world has been divided into 18 different Zones, each ruled by a computer demigod.
    In many Zones, humans still survive – but they are no longer masters of the world. Some are slaves, others wander in a bleak landscape . . . and a few are fighters, striving to regain a lost inheritance: the Earth!
    Enter a future where humans battle to awaken from a mechanical nightmare: GURPS Reign of Steel.

Setting: Futuristic robot apocalypse
Intended Tone: Gritty heroism
System: GURPS 4e

The PCs will be members of a cell of wild humans, operating somewhere in Europe or North Africa.
Engage in guerrilla warfare against the machines. Sabotage robot infrastructure. Liberate captive humans. Destroy robots. Salvage technology.
But be careful. Expect combat to be lethal. The machines are more technologically advanced, and usually better armed and armoured than the humans. Pick your battles. And be on the lookout for robot infiltrators, as well as human scum preying on their own kind.

Character creation guidelines: 200 point budget. There is a mandatory -15 point disadvantage, with a further disadvantage limit of up to -50 more points. Optional templates and lenses will be recommended, but not compulsory. PCs are expected to be team players, fighting collectively for their (and humanity's) survival.

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