Date: Thu 12 April 2018
Host: Alex Espinosa

Attending (2/4):
Kristof Van der Auwera
Paul Dunn

As a part of a campaign that will run in club every few blocks. This will be a intro session with the first week mainly being character creation with some play and the following being the continuating scene to give players a feel for style of campaign and mechanics [all will be explained]. I can accomodate five players so you do need to sign up as there is not space for a drop in.

The system will be based on Tri-Stat and the genre is Hi-Powered metahumans with a darker side ie. Hellboy, Constantine, Sons of Vengeance [ghost rider, vengeance, blade] rather than Superman, batman, Ironman

"We rise from the ashes to be made anew." Hecate, circa 300 BC

"You humans dream of flying, turning to mist, walking on water, controlling fire and hurling lightning bolts. We can do all this and you don't understand how... and what you don't understand, you fear... and what you fear you try to destroy!" Stilleto, circa 2035 AD

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.